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So you have a group! Fantastic… now what? How do you simultaneously keep everyone in your group from different time zones, cities, countries, airports and languages in sync? How do you make sure everyone is at the right place, at the right time, date, location, flight, hotel room, event, transfers... without sending emails, texting, phone calls or a directive to “check the face book page,” which cannot be accessed without wifi? Wouldn’t everyone love to see every detail of all activities, events, schedules, reservations and notes in the palm of their hand? We build your complete itinerary and venue together with an exclusive live app that has been meticulously tested for group travel. In real time it automatically syncs with schedules for trains, ferries, cruises, excursions and airlines including terminal, gate and flight time changes. When you’re ready, we grant viewer access to everyone in your group with a simple email invitation and everyone sees what you see. If you have to make changes, no worries, the next time they refresh the trip on their phones or tablets, they’re up-to-date; no emails, texts, calls or checking Facebook pages. And it’s available offline! The only directive you have to give is “In case there’s changes, refresh your trip in the app the next time you have a wifi connection.” Plus, for the travellers in your group who purchase personalized flights, insurance, pre and post plans or excursions through our agency, they qualify for their own personalized itinerary in the same exclusive app. That’s it. That’s all. One call.

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